Greenhead Lodge
214 S.W. Fifth Street Peach Orchard, Arkansas 72453
(870) 476-9415

lodging quarters

Our Lodging Quarters

When you hunt with Greenhead Lodge, you not only get an amazing duck hunting experience but a comfortable stay in our lodging quarters. Our spacious cabins come with every amenity you need---a true home away from home. You'll have ample space for all your gear and room to sleep up to 12 guests. Not only that, but you'll eat well with us, too. We have a Greenhead Lodge chef that prepares all meals for guests!

enjoy all the comforts of home

kick back and relax

Greenhead Lodge is every duck hunter's dream. As hunters ourselves, we've accounted for all the necessities you need along with a few luxuries so you can enjoy your overnights stays with us.
Take a look below to see our full range of amenities.

Lodging Amenities

When you're on a hunting trip, you deserve to have the comforts of home and then some. We ensure that at our lodge. With ample room, comfortable beds, a full kitchen space, and entertainment spaces, you'll be coming back every year. We guarantee it.


The lodge sleeps up to 12 guests comfortably. Each room sleeps 4 and has its own bathroom.


You'll have your own kitchen & bar area, game room, large living room and outdoor fire pit.


We have a mud room and gun racks to store all your equipment during your stay.

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